Collecting And Recycling

Actively participating in environmental stewardship

Polyform’s environmental division includes a recycling and collecting logistics department. The company has the technology to transform all polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene wastes (learn more). These recycled materials are reused for manufacturing various expanded plastic products and also reworked for manufacturing rigid plastic parts. Any extra reprocessed material goes back on the market as raw material.

Polyform has, in 2012, invested in its own recycling plant, Polyvert Recycling inc.The company can recycle a wide variety of plastics. Over 5 000 000 kg of materials are recycled in this plant yearly. This represents a big step towards protecting the environment. 


Drop Off Points


You want to recycle your polystyrene wastes, but don't know where to go? Polyform has developed a tool allowing you to find the closest drop off points to your home. We work in collaboration with many eco-centers and cities to make it easy for you to recycle plastic #6.

Stores and factories

For industrial plastic wastes, Polyform has established various programs to help you with your collecting and recycling phases. If you have large quantities to recycle, we can setup a custom program and pick up directly at your door. Learn more about our available programs.

Polyform - Polystyrene Collection points