Insulated boxes

Improving preservation of your products

We manufacture made-to-measure boxes for specific uses. Our company has the expertise required to produce boxes according to your specifications. Beehives, worm boxes and test tube coolers are just a few examples of custom-made boxes made by Polyform. There are many ways of creating custom-made boxes: by developing box and cover assemblies for moulding, by hot-wire cutting various parts and by adding custom-made EPS pieces to the inside of a cardboard box, thus adding an insulation layer.

Insulated boxes allow safe transportation of food, pharmaceuticals, fish products and more. They are chosen for their lightness, their superior insulating properties and their environmental properties since they are 100% recyclable!

 Polyform - insulated boxe



For standard insulated boxes that meet the market standards, we have designed a range of: 

Polyform eco-friendly greenhouse products (download the catalogue)

Polyform insulated boxes (download the catalogue)