Insulating formworks for footing

ISOMAX® helps prevent thermal bridges from to the ground up, allowing you to insulate the footing and to prevent thermal transfer. This system is unique, allowing the footing to be insulated before pouring the concrete, providing greater protection for the footing against frost.


ISOMAX® is a 4 inches (102 mm) thick ship lapped moulded insulation board with grooves to insert the sides of the formwork. The formwork sides measure 1 ft x 8 ft. Inner and outer universal corners are also available to provide greater functionality.


  • Available in 3 footing widths: 30 in, 36 in and 40 in
  • R factor of R-16
  • 100% recyclable
  • Eligible to receive points as part of a LEED® project


ISOMAX® is used for the insulation of the footing. It meets the needs of residential and commercial constructions.


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