Polystyrene Life Cycle

The Study

The CIRAIG organization realized a study on food packaging environmental impacts. There were 7 types on packaging, all made of different materials : plastic #1 (PET), recycled plastic #1 (RPET), plastic #5 (PP), oriented plastic #6 (OPS), expanded plastic #6 (EPS), plastic #7 (PLA) and moulded pulp (MP).

The study included all fabrication steps, health impacts and environmental impacts.

The Results

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), usually called "foam", arrives in 2nd position, close behind the moulded pulp (MP). EPS and MP contribute to a better environment and are the best materials to use for packaging when considering their life cycle.

The material that's the most damaging packaging, when the life cycle is considered, is plastic #7 (PLA). It is usually used "compostable dishes".

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