Multiples Advantages

Insulating with expanded polystyryne (EPS)

Economic benefits and an eco-friendly choice!

Insulation plays a major role in constructing buildings that are highly energy efficient. Products made from expanded polystyrene (EPS), more commonly called "foam" or "Styrofoam", are increasingly prevalent in Canada's construction market. Use of this material provides a number of substantial advantages with regard to physical, economic and ecological properties.

Insulation boards manufactured using EPS:

  • Prove to be lightweight and easy to handle (98% air, 2% plastics)
  • Are inorganic and rot-proof
  • Have an insignificant degree of water absorption
  • Are free of CFCs and HCFCs that cause damage to the ozone layer
  • Are critical to building healthy and comfortable structures.


Innovative insulation boards

Moulded insulation boards

Polyform's range of insulation boards stand out for the unique moulding process, piece by piece. This process yields physical properties beyond standard specifications:

  • Better compressive strength
  • Lower water absorption degree
  • Better flexural strength
  • Excellent R-value

Hot-wire cut and laminated insulation boards

Polyform also manufactures insulation boards cut with a hot wire for subsequent lamination with either an air-barrier membrane or a reflective vapour-barrier membrane.