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Working with you, we can develop a value-added solution that will be perfectly adapted to your specifications. Creating custom-built packaging designed to meet your specific needs is one of our great strengths and is the result of many years of experience. We can work with many different materials to deliver the ideal packaging for you.

We create packaging solutions of all kinds for many business sectors. We can create EPS assemblies with wooden slats for household appliances, EPP returnable platforms for the automotive sector, moulded EPP anti-static packaging for electronic parts and corrugated plastics in either EPS or EPP.

For standard packaging that meet market standards, we have designed a wide range of POLYFORM protective corners (download the catalogue).


New Product: POLYPOST

PolyPost is now available at Polyform! This solution includes EPS or EPP protective corners laminated with strong and sturdy cardboard, allowing to stack up to 6 000 lbs. During transport, storage, handling or final delivery, your products are constantly subjected to impacts that can cause damage. PolyPost offers a complete protection by providing vertical strenght to stack your products and by making the packaging multi-impact.

PolyPost is a unique solution available for many sectors. It is ideal for steel case and tool box packaging, furniture packaging and appliance packaging.

POLYPOST EPP foam and cardboard packaging POLYPOST EPS and cardboard packaging