Manufacturing Processes


Large pre-moulded blocks are placed on cutting tables, and the cutter cuts the pieces according to the program selected. It is an excellent and cost-effective process.


The mould is filled with pre-foamed beads and is heated with high pressure steam. The beads then undergo a second and final expansion which fuses them in the shape of the mould.


Our assembly service can match parts to components made from different materials, whether they are moulded or hot-wire cut, to create an end product with added value.


The lamination process consists of binding various materials together using adhesives. Polyform is equipped with specialized machinery for automating and increasing lamination precision.


EPS and EPP filling is a method used in sectors such as furniture, toys and other. This process is used for bean bag chairs, pillows, couches and much more. There are several materials available, depending on the desired quality and desirability.

Skin Moulding

This is a moulding process that gives a very smooth aesthetic finish. This high-tech process is perfect for projects where the aesthetics of the finished product are an important feature.