Quality Policy

Our quality policy, derived from our business goals

  • Retain and grow our expertise.
  • Increase our capacity to meet the needs of the market using our innovations in technology.
  • Increase our market share and those of our customers through profitable partnerships.
  • Maximize product manufacturing and features to make them as profitable and effective as possible for ourselves and our customers.
  • Maximize the efficiency, autonomy and flexibility of our resources by providing appropriate materials, personnel and technologies.

The responsibility for maintaining and improving the quality of our products, regulatory compliance and customer service is shared between management and all members of staff working at Polyform. The unwavering commitment of each and everyone to the needs of the company, our customers and the industry is the key to successful implementation of our quality policy. (PRO-001)


Setting Actions

Based on the quality policy and annual shareholder forecasts, the Vice President of Sales and Business Development, as the representative of management and member of the shareholders' group, sets and implements the company's forecasts. He ensures, directly and by delegating to quality management, the efficient operation of our processes. The management defines the responsibilities and authorities at all levels of our organization to ensure the effectiveness of our working practices. 

The goals set and regularly monitored by senior management constitute a solid framework for ensuring our commitments to both our customers and shareholders are met, by guaranteeing that the excellence of our services and profitability of all our activities are improved.