UNIFOAM - Custom Insulation Board

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Polyform - Unifoam custom insulation board

Polyform is able to manufacture insulation boards that match the requirements of your specific project. Boards can be custom-made to any size and density. They can even be laminated using the material your project requires, which in turn provides you with a value-added product ready for installation on the jobsite.

Polyform is also Canada's number one manufacturer of graphite EPS products, offering an higher R factor than standard insulation boards.

Prefabricated walls

Expanded polystyrene (EPS) is regularly used as insulation in prefabricated houses. It is, in most cases, laminated with wood or OSB. This way, it is possible to build walls that are already insulated.

By manufacturing your walls with expanded polystyrene boards, your customers get several benefits:

1. Better long-term insulation

2. Greater energy efficiency

3. Faster installation without compromise of quality

4. Sustainable and ecological choice

It is possible to obtain a personalized product that fits your needs. Many raw material options are available, whether it’s a material made from recycled products or a material with a higher R factor. In addition, EPS is available in several densities. For some construction projects, when insulation has to be higher, graphite expanded polystyrene, also called NEOPOR®, is a great option. The latter is increasingly being used for manufacturing insulation boards that are used in prefabricated walls.


Polyform is a major supplier for prefabricated homes companies. Ask your contractor all the advantages of a prefabricated property and enjoy all benefits!