Polyvert’s Web Page Now Online!

Polyform - Plastics recycling - Polyvert

Polyform is proud to inform you that our POLYVERT RECYCLING plant’s web page is officially available online. The plant is entirely dedicated to plastic waste recycling. The collected plastic wastes are reused in several products, such as insulation formworks, or redistributed in the market as raw materials.

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The Car of the Future Entirely Built Out of EPP

Polyform - EPP - Polypropylene

Toyota motor-vehicle manufacturer developed a concept car named Toyota ME.WE. The car is built like an electrical car. It has been conceived in order to reduce CO2 emissions and protect the environment. To do so, the weight of the car had to be reduced: This is why the Toyota ME.WE has an aluminum structure under a body formed from expanded polypropylene (EPP), a light, strong and recyclable material.

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A New Polystyrene Container for Citizens

Polyform - Expanded polystyrene (EPS) recycling

A container designed for the collect of expanded polystyrene (#6) has been installed on Edouard Street in Granby, Polyform’s head office. All Granby citizens and the surroundings are invited to take part in this recycling initiative.


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