Floating Blocks


Expanded polystyrene blocks can easily be integrated into many flotation products structures. They can be found in floating docks and shelters for boats, pontoons and other leisure vehicles. Polyform’s flotation blocks are used and appreciated because of their following features:

Many sizes available, up to 16 feet long
High-efficiency flotation of 55 lbs per cubic feet (25kg per 0.03 cubic meter)
Low water absorption
High compression resistance
Flotation not impacted if blocks are damaged or pierced
Sustainable and eco-friendly products

It is also possible to fill your flotation products using an expansion filling process. This process allows material beads to expand inside the part, ensuring a complete and uniform fill for a perfect buoyancy.

Case study

Floating To The Rythm of Expanded Polystyrene

The expanded polystyrene (EPS) part designed for Candock ensures perfect floatation and allows the end customer to fully enjoy his aquatic sport.

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  • Floating block 10”

    EPS floating block. Dimension : 20” x 96” x 10”.

    Lot Weight 7.60 kg
    Lot Dimensions 20 × 96 × 10 in
  • Floating block 7”

    EPS floating block. Dimension : 20” x 96” x 7”.

    Lot Weight 5.45 kg
    Lot Dimensions 20 × 96 × 7 in

    1.5 pcf