Diverse promotional items can be designed using expanded plastics. Amongst others, we can find wig heads, hats, coolers, etc. Products can also be designed to meet your needs: we can cut blocks to your preferred dimension, so they can be covered with promotional elements such as posters or used to display your products.

Why not create a stage decor out of expanded polystyrene elements, for example? The possibilities are limitless! As an extra benefit, your promotional items will be lightweight and easy to handle.

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  • Skimmer hat

    EPS skimmer hat “Maurice Chevalier” style.

    Lot Weight 3.27 kg
    Lot Dimensions 28 × 32 × 24 in
  • Wig head

    EPS wig head.

    Lot Weight 5.40 kg
    Lot Dimensions 28 × 32 × 24 in