No matter which level they’re at, sports enthusiasts work out rigorously to enhance their performances, and thus, have high expectations towards the products they use. Expanded plastic is a material which, used in sports equipment, helps with better protection, better training, and better performances due to the increased comfort it provides.

Expanded polystyrene (EPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP), and expanded polyethylene (EPE) are all used in protective equipment such as helmets. These materials allow the design of products meeting safety requirements in alpine skiing, cycling, hockey, lacrosse, figure-skating or many other sports. Polyform is also a manufacturer able to design, manufacture and assemble helmets meeting high standards and certifications! Expanded plastics can also be used in the manufacturing of exercise rollers, pitcher’s mounds, putting greens, and much more.

Case study

Head First Into Figure Skating

Polyform has designed, produced and assembled, in collaboration with Protections Kocask Inc., figure skating helmets that meet high standards requirements.

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