ISOMAX® is a unique insulation system in Quebec that allows insulation of the strip footing before pouring concrete. In order to avoid thermal bridges coming from the ground, or even to avoid movement in winter, it is critical to insulate the footing properly.

This insulation system consists of 4 in. (102 mm) thick, individually-moulded boards with grooves for formwork side insertion. The formwork sides are 1-foot x 8 ft. (305 mm x 2438 mm). The system is ship-lapped at both ends and internal and external corners are universal.

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  • ISOMAX - Système d'isolation pour semelle fila

    ISOMAX® – Footing Insulation System

    ISOMAX® footing insulation system.

    This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

  • ISOMAX - isolation semelle filante

    ISOMAX® Side formwork

    Side formwork. Dimension : 12” x 96” x 2 ½”. For the installation of each straight panel or corner, a side formwork is required.

  • ISOMAX® Universal external corner

    Universal external corner 90 degrees. Dimension : 48” x 48” x 4”.

  • ISOMAX® Universal internal corner

    Universal internal corner 90 degrees. Dimension : 48” x 48” x 4”.