2018 – Winner of the Sustainable Development Award at the CCHY Distinction Gala

2015 – Winner of the Excellence in EPS Recycling Award at the EPS Expo 2015 by EPS Industry Alliance

2015 – Winner of the Society Award at the 3rd AQMAT Gala

2014 – Winner of the Sustainability Award of The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA)

2012 – Winner of the Vision Innovation Award at the 3R MCDQ 15th Congress

2011 – Winner of the Innovative Company of the Year Award at the Enviro-Lys Gala

2011 – Finalist, Enterprise – Residual Materials Management provincial Award, “Phénix de l’environnement”

2011 – Winner of the Innovation Award at the CCHY Distinction Gala

2010 – Winner of the FEPAC Canadian Honoris Innova Award: Sustainable Development

2009 – Winner of the Environmental Excellence Award in the Eastern Townships