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78% cost reduction related to the raw material used


Expanded polypropylene blocks were the ideal solution for this company wanting to manufacture soundproof boards with high strength and resilience.


A major player in the construction industry wanted to optimize an existing product. He was looking for a material that would allow him to design boards with sound absorption properties, high impact resistance and good resilience. Cork met these criteria, but the price was too high. Since the product is used in multi-story buildings, the solution had to be efficient and affordable.


In order to meet the demands of this customer, Polyform had an effective solution: expanded polypropylene (EPP) blocks. This material meets all the necessary standards. Indeed, it is recognized for its high resistance to shocks and it’s effective to absorb sounds. EPP can be cut to very thin thicknesses. The final product is lightweight and offers an excellent insulation performance, which is essential in the construction industry!


Our team developed the right block cutting process to eliminate an intermediate. Consequently, the costs and production time for this customer, who had made several attempts with other suppliers, have been reduced. By switching to EPP, this customer now saves 78% of its costs related to the raw material used, making the product available at a much more advantageous price!


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