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No damaged product and reduction of transportation costs.


Polyform has developed a packaging allowing the company Mine Cristal to ship its harps made of crystal overseas without breaking them.


This manufacturer of Quartzophone® instruments (harps and crystal lyres) provides customers all over the world. Shipping their fragile products overseas was quite a challenge. In the beginning, their merchandise was often damaged during transport, meaning they needed to return a new product to customers. They had to find a better way to protect their products and to reduce transportation costs.


We did a lot of testing with Mine Cristal to determine exactly where were the breaking zones of their products. We then proposed to use a “soft touch” packaging concept. This material allows to protect the fragile areas targeted by our experts, which leads to merchandise reaching its destination without any damage.


The packaging design has gone through some adjustments over the years, reducing problems related to damages during transportation. In 2016, our customer had its first perfect score: 0 damaged product occurred during the transportation of its crystal instruments! Polyform has helped to eliminate any loss due to transportation damage, meaning they were able to reduce greatly transportation costs caused by product returns.


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