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Reducing costs and simplifying the assembly process


The expanded polystyrene (EPS) part designed for Candock ensures perfect floatation and allows the end customer to fully enjoy his aquatic sport.


Candock wanted to put on the market a product with perfect floatation, even if the water seeps into the system one day. The product, a floating dock, had to be custom moulded and strong enough to withstand heavy loads. It would have to withstand the weight of many types of boats and people walking around. In addition, this system is recognized for the low-maintenance of water vehicles. We had to suggest a durable solution that would respect the environment.


The 114 inch long product was filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS), a material known for its low water absorption. EPS makes this product robust and lightweight at the same time. Its high degree of buoyancy is unaffected by the weight of water vehicles or people. This ecological material is 98% air, contains no chemicals, is mould resistant and 100% recyclable. Product assembly was also supported by Polyform to eliminate an intermediate in the manufacturing process.


We came up with a part with an irreproachable floatation. The Jetslide remains stable on the water. It supports a large load without sinking. Vehicles that go on it do not touch the water, which reduces maintenance. The costs are reduced by the simplified assembly process and the elimination of the intermediate. The customer receives a product ready to be sold on the market.


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