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Increased sales and reduced transportation costs.


Bean bag chairs filled with expanded polystyrene increase the comfort of users without neglecting the aesthetic and economic sides.


This company working in the furniture and home decor industry wanted to offer its customers beautiful bean bags, both comfortable and accessible. They wanted their products to be upholstered with a material that would allow them to meet these two criterias.


For filling, we opted for expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material is 98% air, which makes bean bag chairs lightweight and easy to move from one room to another. It becomes possible to fill properly all the spaces and the little corners of the product. EPS helps with comfort as the beads move, which make the chair mould to its user’s body. It is also a cost-effective material providing excellent value for the end user.


We came up with a final product matching our customer’s requests. This comfortable bean bag adapted to the clientele, allows this company to increase its sales. Another important factor contributing to this result is proximity. In fact, it was possible for our customer to reduce his transportation costs by choosing a local manufacturer instead of ordering raw materials overseas.


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