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50% reduction in costs and a notable acceleration of the installation process


Polyform has manufactured a custom-made component that reduces production costs while improving product durability and installation efficiency.


An energy transportation company wanted a solution to improve the speed of installation for their drainage pipes while providing a more affordable option for its customers.


With this customer, we designed several prototypes and developed a mould specifically for this piece. This custom product made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) meets the exact dimensions of the pipes to be protected. It can be filled with sand before being installed in the trench. Workers do not have to lift a large amount of sandbags to cover the systems. This EPP product is light and easy to handle without specialized equipment. It also provides excellent resistance and does not require maintenance; an advantage when everything is underground!


Almost all costs related to this type of operation have been reduced. This design reduces the risk of injuries and employees work more efficiently and quickly. EPP is less expensive and more sustainable. This piece costs 50% less than the single use of sandbags. It is also stronger and prevents soil subsidence.


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