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Better insulation and lighter trailers


The development of insulation boards designed with metal inserts made it possible to build a stronger and more insulated trailer.


This manufacturer wanted to design stronger trailers and caravans. He wanted people to be able to use it without damaging it during activities such as hunting, where sturdiness is necessary. In addition to the strength, the occupants needed to be comfortable inside. To provide that, we had to provide a very good insulation solution.


We have developed a custom 4 feet x 8 feet insulation board. It is laminated with fiberglass and lauan. Our team reinforced it by placing 4 steel inserts according to pressure points. The inserts are moulded in expanded polystyrene (EPS), which improves the structure and helps support the roof. In order for the inserts to stay in place, we made holes in the metal inserts to allow the EPS to merge better. This insulation board is shiplapped, which also ensures better insulation.


Our concept prevents any material damage. It is convenient for groups such as fishermen and hunters as they can sit on the roof of their trailer or caravan, and even use it in extreme contexts. Polyform made it possible to increase the R value by more than R-5. By filling the walls, we also reduced the weight; another added value!


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