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Conservation increased by 33% plus a more durable product


We have adapted insulated containers for this company in the pharmaceutical industry. Conservation is obviously a key element!


A leader in the pharmaceutical industry wanted an insulated container that allowed carrying drugs without wide temperature changes. Their product had to be stable, lightweight and durable.


Our team has proposed insulated boxes made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material is known for its high insulation performance. The boxes provide temperature stability and preserve drugs over a long period of time. EPS is ecological and safe for health, a necessity in that industry! The containers can be used several times, depending on what has been put inside. Unlike cardboard, they do not lose their properties even if they are wet, humid or subject to harsh conditions.


This customer increased conservation by 33%, since EPS has an insulating factor of R-4 per inch compared to R-3 for cardboard. These containers can now be cleaned and reused several times. Switching to EPS is also a sustainable decision. That material can be recycled up to 20 times without losing its physical properties, which is twice what can be done with cardboard.


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