Pre-molded large blocks are positioned on cutting tables and the hot-wire cutting machine cuts parts as programmed. This cost-effective process is a good solution.



The mould is filled with pre-foamed beads and heated up with vapour under high pressure. Beads then go through a second and final expansion, fusing together to the mould’s shapes.

Moulage casque


Our assembly services can join various components made from different materials to molded or hot-wire-cut parts in order to create a final product with added value.



Lamination process consists of layering various material with adhesive. Polyform is equipped with specialised machinery to automate and improve lamination precision.



Upholstery consists in filling products used in furniture, toys, and other areas. This process is used for products such as bean bags, cushions, and other pieces of furniture. Many materials are available based on quality and long-lasting requirements.

Billes - rembourrage


In both cases, the part will go through a texture modification. Crystallization is a moulding process giving a smooth finished product. This high technology process is recommended when aesthetics is a critical feature. To obtain that finish, the part is slightly melted, losing that expanded material look as the beads are not visible.

As for texturization, this process allows adding a texture on a part for aesthetics. This process differs from crystallization as the part is not melted on the surface.

trappe ventilation