A good comforting dish is never too much. So we had the idea to ask some Polyformers what their favorite restaurant was and why they loved this place so much. Yes, because several reasons can make us appreciate one place more than another: the atmosphere, a favorite dish, a renowned chef, etc. We are salivating just to think about it, let’s find the best restaurants!

Annie – SALes

Polyform - Employé

Annie’s favorite restaurant is ‘’ La Lune D’Asie ‘’ in Granby. She loves the fact that it’s Thai food and that you can bring your own bottle of wine. She has done several tests and she can confirm that everything is good on the menu, but she also said that the spring rolls are divine! Not to mention that the atmosphere is simple and pleasant.

Geneviève L. – Customer Service

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Genevieve likes to eat at Le Esmond, located in Granby. She goes for the atmosphere, the good food and because she particularly likes their chef: Antoine Bossé. “He is a talented young man with a big heart and he has an entertainer side that makes me laugh.” Genevieve loves the chef personality, but she also has a crush for the duck confit and especially for the blood puddings grilled cheese.

Louise B. – SALes AND Marketing

Polyform - Employé

It is difficult for Louise to choose her favorite restaurant. She chooses according to the moment need. In any case, she feeds her mind with a good book or a good conversation. Her choices for dinner are the restaurants where the service is fast so she can eat quickly. In Granby, there is a very large choice, ranging from microbrewery to Italian restaurants, seafood and Asian meals. She seldom chooses sandwich restaurants. By cons, for dinner, she likes places where you can enjoy a great meal and have a beer or wine with it. With friends, she loves sports bars, brasseries or restaurants where it’s possible to bring the wine.

Jacynte – Accounting

Polyform - Employé

Toqué! This is Jacynte’s favorite place. Once a year, on her birthday, she goes to this Montreal restaurant to have a good time with her husband. They always sit at the bar because they have developed a nice chemistry with the waiter. There are many reasons why she loves this place: the wines arrangement with different services that brings beautiful surprises, the culinary experience in the discovery of textures and flavors and the meals made of local and seasonal products. Jacynte particularly loves the 7-course tasting menu, which each is arranged with a wine. The chef Normand Laprise makes her do beautiful discoveries including the sea knives entry arranged with a white wine from a Magog producer and the pigeon which turns out to be the signature dish. Let’s bet she cannot wait to return for her next birthday!