Expanded polystyrene is found in the composition of many products and can play different roles. You might be surprised to learn that this material is regularly used in furniture and doors and windows manufacturing. It helps keep the finished products’ weight lighter, making them easier to move, while bringing robustness. It can also be used as protection against damage during transport Learn more about how expanded polystyrene is used in furniture, door and window manufacturing.


Expanded Polystyrene in Furniture Manufacturing

Many furniture manufacturers include expanded polystyrene in their designs. In most cases, this material is laminated in the center of the part, bringing down the weight of the piece of furniture. The polystyrene insertion lightens the furniture, but does not impact its robustness; the material’s high density allows manufacturing solid and lightweight furniture all at once. In addition, you have durable products that can live through years. The economic aspect is also an important element. Furniture designed that way costs less to produce and is therefore sold at an affordable price on the market. The manufacturer finds his advantage as much as the end user.

polystyrène -meuble

EPS for High-Performance Windows and Doors

As expanded polystyrene has excellent insulation properties, it is useful when the manufactured product plays a windbreaker role and must be airtight. This is why it is often used in doors and windows manufacturing. By using this material in doors, the manufacturer ensures that the product will not accelerate flame propagation in case of fire: As soon as EPS is taken out of flames, fire will extinguish itself! It is possible to obtain a custom insulation, or even to laminate expanded polystyrene with other materials, according to project’s requirements.


Protection as Effective as the Product

Once a product is manufactured, it is packaged and protected for shipping and handling. This is when expanded polystyrene, other expanded plastics such as polypropylene, protection corners can be used. In cases where the required protection requires a higher level, it is possible to design custom packaging solutions to completely adapt to your situation. EPS can even be combined with other material, such as cardboard, to increase protection and reduce damage risk.

Coin protecteur

You will find a range of protective corners in our product catalog. You can also contact one of our representatives to develop a customized product that will meet your needs.