We are a leading supplier of insulation boards made for prefabricated homes manufacturers. Why are they calling us to design their walls? Let’s find out what motivates their choice!

Expanded Polystyrene as Insulation in Manufactured Housing

Expanded polystyrene insulation is frequently found in prefabricated houses. In most cases, builders use EPS laminated with wood, OSB or with an air or vapor barrier membrane. They get a product ready to be use in the walls composition of a house. They already contain insulation, which brings benefits to both builders and homeowners. Let’s see which ones!

Polystyrene and Its Advantages for Construction

Who Says Prefabricated Wall Also Says Faster

Walls designed using expanded polystyrene increase the speed of execution during manufacturing. Indeed, the installation happens in a controlled environment. In this way, everything is optimal, which is not always the case on construction sites. Employees are facing difficult weather conditions. Materials are also exposed to rain, direct sunlight or other factors that may affect their quality. In a controlled environment, it is much simpler to assemble the walls with boards custom designed according to your needs. You will understand that quality is at the rendezvous, and, in better delays.

An Insulation That Has Proved Its Worth

Houses have long been insulated with mineral wool or expanded polystyrene. These are the two most commonly used methods in Canada. But, unlike the mineral wool, expanded polystyrene does not sag with the years. It is waterproof in long term and does not allow creation of heat losses over time.

Polyform - Isolation - Insulation - Mur préfabriqué - Prefabricated Wall

In addition, insulation boards made of expanded polystyrene are very efficient, which can save you electricity costs while reducing your energy consumption. They can also be used in all types of construction and be custom made to exactly meet your project needs. Whether for superior insulation, different density, required thickness, etc.

A Material That Respects the Environment

Expanded polystyrene is a material composed of 98% air. Apart from the fact that this property makes it effective in terms of insulation, it also makes it environmentally friendly in many ways. It requires less energy to be manufactured, it is locally accessible, it can be made from recycled material or be recycled itself at the end of its useful life. Scraps generated during production are also recycled and reused. Not to mention that the boards can contribute to earning points as part of a LEED® project.


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