Product development is not an easy task. Your original idea may come from the need of an unsatisfied customer, from a loophole in the industry or simply from a thought that you have kept in mind for a while. However, before getting to the manufacturing stage of this new product, you must detail your concept. This takes a lot of thinking and creativity!

Here are 6 methods to help you increase your creativity and make you think outside the box!

1. Read on New Topics

Like most people, you probably read about the same few topics on a daily basis: local or global news, industry innovations in your field and, perhaps, a novel about your field of interest. Get into the habit of reading on new topics, industries you’re unfamiliar with, environmental issues, and so on. Do you usually read crime novels to relax? Try a new genre such as science fiction or even autobiographical novels! You will be transported in the author’s toughts, which could give you new ideas.

Some suggestions: Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Andre Agassi

2. Change Environment

It’s hard to come up with new ideas if you’re constantly in the same routine. While it can be comforting, it’s sometimes essential to change your environment when you’re trying to develop a product or find new ideas. All changes are good! Why not try working from home one day, find an activity for the weekend or completely unwind and leave for a week in different country? It will allow you to think about something else and find unexpected solutions!

 3. Think Like a Child

Children and adults think differently. Kids are not afraid of consequences and are mostly looking for fun. They generally use the left side of their brain (the creative side) more than adults do. This naivety can be positive when it comes to a new product development since you will not put up a barrier, you will be guided by your instincts, and most importantly, by your desire to have fun.

Polyform - Think like a Child

 4. Dispel your doubts

It happens to all of us: we have a quiet moment, ideal to think, and a great idea comes to us! But this idea remains in your head and procrastination embarks. This is usually due to your doubts: Fear of failure, doubt that someone may tell you that your idea is bad. Your reptilian brain takes over and sends the signal that your strike of genius might be a threat. With a little practice, you will be able to recognize that little voice that slows down your ideas and to control it so it does not keep you from pursuing your innovations.

 5. Quantity before quality

It is often said that quality is more important than quantity. With creativity, it is rather the opposite. Do not take too much time to think about all the details and impacts of your actions: that step will come later when finalizing your prototype. Instead, try all the ideas going through your head! Experiment and do not be afraid to be too ambitious or too absurd. Do not let quality issues slow you down… At least not for the moment!

Polyform - Ideas - quantity

 6. Collaborate with a supplier or a customer

“Alone we go faster, together we go further”. This African proverb is true when it comes to the development of a new product. You have an idea, and you have the creativity to design it, but you need a team! The team can be upstream or downstream. At Polyform, we are not simply supporting you in the finalisation of your product; we are there to help you in every step, from conceptualization to manufacturing! You are the expert in your industry and we have the experience in the expanded plastics industry. Together, we can accomplish great things. 

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