Moving to a new home is not an easy decision. The first step is to decide whether you prefer buying an existing house or if you want to build a new one. You will find out that many factors point in favour of the second option!

1. The Perfect Location

Before you even choose the plan and other details for your house, you need to know where you want to live. Choosing the right lot is essential as its location must meet your needs and make you feel good. You can select the location, the size of the lot, the landscaping, etc. You choose your neighborhood… and your neighbors!

Polyform - Choosing plan

2. Spaces You’ll Enjoy

The greatest benefit of building your home is that you make sure it perfectly meets your tastes, needs, and lifestyle. You can choose how many rooms and bathrooms there will be, if you need a garage, etc… You can even decide on the style, the stories… Everything needs to be decided on, and you can design it however you wish!

3. Materials You Like

Once your game plan is set, it’s time to select the materials that will be used to build your house. In a new construction, you can arrange them according to your inspiration, budget, and needs. You’ll have to think about everything: from floors to ceilings, doors, windows, cabinets, light fixtures and many more. Most importantly, do not forget about the building materials for the structure! Will you go for a house built with insulating rigid polystyrene boards, wool, etc.? You can even create your own style or simply follow one you like. Once every material is selected, each part of your new home will be to your own taste.

Panneau isolant NOVOFOIL

4. Expenses within Budget and no Unforeseen Charges

As opposed to major renovation projects, it’s easy to know what costs will be when you build a house. You will not either be faced with unexpected expenses resulting from latent defects, mildew, etc… So once you take possession of your new home, you will find peace of mind.

5. No Renovations Ahead

As everything is brand new, you will not have to plan any renovation projects! This allows you to save money for several years.

6. A House Built According to the Standards

As new constructions must meet actual standards, you will not have to worry about knowing if your home is safe for you and your family. When you build a new residence you automatically get a guarantee: according to the Régie du bâtiment du Québec, a guarantee plan ensures your contractor fulfills certain legal obligations. This type of guarantee is not available when buying a used house.


7. Monetary Benefits

Tax credits are available for new construction, both standard or eco-friendly. You can also get soft loans, and partial or even complete exemptions from property taxes for one or more years.

8. Technological and Energy Efficient House

For the technophiles, you will like the fact that it is easier to install an automation system in a new house. You can still install one in an older residence, but you might have to rack your brains a bit more.

On the other hand, energy-efficient solutions will allow you to save money. To increase your comfort while saving energy, it is important to consider insulation and heating system during construction. The use of high-performance insulation combined with an efficient heating system can increase your comfort and reduce your electricity bill. Many new homeowners opt for expanded polystyrene insulation combined to a hot water heating system. Together, they provide a more uniform temperature, ensure a permanent insulating value, and will save you energy and money!


9. An Interesting Heritage

We must keep in mind that you might want, for a reason or another, to sell your house. High-performance equipment, low-energy consumption, ideal location, and more aspects can increase the value of your property at the time of sale.

Are you ready to start building your dream house?