A long-term recovery program and a new partnership will offer a sustainable solution for the management of polystyrene

Montreal, November 27, 2014

The City of Montreal and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) have announced today a five-year extension of the polystyrene recovery and recycling program at the LaSalle Ecocenter. This announcement follows the very successful pilot project – “In search of number 6” – which, between October 2013 and September 2014, saw the recovery of more than two and half tonnes of polystyrene, diverting this material from landfill sites.

Furthermore, the event also announced the addition of a new partner to the program. Polyform is a Granby-based company who will use the polystyrene collected at the LaSalle Ecocenter in the manufacturing of durable construction products.

“While the pilot succeeded in collecting 2.5 tonnes of polystyrene, the real success of the project is that we were able to establish the necessary collection and recycling infrastructure, including the partnership with Polyform that will allow the program to remain a valuable service at the LaSalle depot,” indicated Krista Friesen, Vice President, Sustainability at CPIA. “We are also interested in seeing this program model expand to other communities across Quebec.”

“The continuation of this innovative project is good news for Montreal residents,” added Mr. Réal Ménard, executive committee member responsible for sustainable development, environment, large parks and green spaces. “Through a remarkable collaboration between the City, CPIA and Polyform, significant amounts of polystyrene will be recycled and reused. I want to remind the citizens of the importance of properly recycling appropriate materials, and I invite them to take advantage of the numerous services offered by the City’s ecocenters.”

“Polyform is proud to participate in this recycling program with the City of Montreal and CPIA,” announced François Beauchesne, Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “Our recycling center can recycle millions of kilograms of plastics every year, including the polystyrene containers and packaging that we find regularly in the Montreal homes. These containers and packaging represent a source of recycled content that is useful when manufacturing new sustainable products.”

The program “In search of number 6” allows Montreal residents to bring back their polystyrene items to the LaSalle Ecocenter, located at the 7272 Saint-Patrick Street. It should be noted that these items must be clean and free of packaging, labels, absorbent pads and aluminum covers. Polystyrene can be recognized by a triangle with the number 6 inside. This symbol appears on many consumer products, including food packaging and the rigid foam used to protect products, such as electronics and small appliances. Residents can consult the list of the accepted polystyrene products by visiting www.ville.montreal.qc.ca/ecocentres.

About the Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA)

CPIA is the national organization of Canada’s plastics industry, representing processors, material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, brand owners and recyclers. CPIA is committed to working with stakeholders in Quebec through the Regroupement Recyclage Polystyrène (RRPS) to propose concrete solutions and actions linked to the collection, sorting and recycling of polystyrene. In Quebec, the plastic industry represents a yearly income of $4.4 billion and exports of $1.7 billion. The industry employs 19,000 people directly and provides many support jobs.

About Polyform

Polyform is committed to protecting the environment and providing ecological solutions in the plastic industry. In addition to offering raw materials and ecological processes to manufacture sustainable products, Polyform has built its own recycling plant, which manages several types of plastic, including polystyrene and polypropylene.