“Foam” cars? All cars have some parts made out of “foam”, more precisely expanded polypropylene (EPP). Indeed, there are not many parts, except for tires of course, that cannot be designed in EPP. Front and rear bumpers, sun visor, dashboard, airbag covers, armrests, headrests, etc. are all accessories that can be manufactured with this material.

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Why Choose EPP Rather Than Another Material?

Why use expanded plastic rather than other materials such as traditional plastic, metal, etc.? Expanded polypropylene is a material known to be highly shock resistant. This is why it is used for automotive parts requiring protection and strength. In comparison to other materials, EPP is very light, which reduces the total weight of the vehicle and consequently, decreases gas consumption. It is also an effective way to reduce production costs while improving the product for all auto parts manufacturers and suppliers. Let us explain you in more detail!

EPP Specific Characteristics

Expanded polypropylene, in addition to being shock resistant, acts as soundproofing and insulation. This brings additional comfort to the occupants while maximizing production. Indeed, this material is easy to mould and cut, making the process simple and effective. You are sure to have a part meeting the standards. You’re thinking it’s not environmentally friendly? You will be surprised.

An Eco-friendly Material

Well, you may know that EPP is reusable and 100% recyclable. It is a stable material that retains its properties over time and does not deteriorate. It is safe for health and environment since it is inorganic and rot-proof. Polypropylene does not contain CFCs or HCFCs, both harmful to the ozone layer.

This material can therefore be used in the manufacturing of many auto parts because of these characteristics, all critical for this area. In addition, manufacturing automotive parts with expanded polypropylene means designing products from air as we find only 2% of material compared to 98% of air in the manufacturing process.

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