It is well known; when you are a house owner in Canada, anxiety gets you when your electricity bill shows up in spring. Accumulated energy costs, as scathing as previous winter, remind us that heating is a big part of our savings. A family member is more sensitive to cold? The heat is poorly distributed? Let’s turn up the thermostat!

Economic consequences: astronomical bill?

According to Hydro-Quebec1, heating represents 54% of our hydroelectricity bill. In winter, Quebecers’ heating needs are increased, resulting in the following:

Need to buy hydropower from other suppliers at great expense;

Need to add equipment in existing power plants;

Need to build new facilities to meet the increasing demand and avoid overload.

An overheated home affects our health:

Respiratory tract irritation and dewatering;

Virus spread due to contaminated air circulation (not renewed);

Reduced sleep quality;

Poor bloodstream.

Is your home suffering from a deficient insulation?

Your electricity bill startles you? You would like to solve the problem at the source? Here are some signs that your home could benefit from a better insulation:

Poor heat distribution and cold air infiltration: air leaks are responsible for 25% of heat loss in our habitations2;

Stalactite icicles forming on the edge of the roof;

Attic gest warmer, condenses and drips through the ceiling;

Different temperatures in the house: a colder room compared to another.

Efficient insulation helps making your home comfortable, and by extension, helps you save money while preserving the environment.

Insulation solutions

Whether you are on a new construction site or renovating your home, many solutions are available to you. There are expanded polystyrene boards with a superior quality and high efficiency. They are perfect for construction or renovations, allowing you to insulate interior and exterior walls, interior and exterior foundation walls, ceilings and roofs, under and on concrete slabs. In fact, Polyform offers a range of insulation products for your house, allowing you to find the right solution to your situation!

Panneau isolant NOVOFOIL

Polyform ensures to provide healthy and sustainable products: our insulation boards are mildew and fungi resistant, and do not collapse, unlike insulating wool. They are constituted from 98% air and only 2% material making these products lightweight, easy to handle and environmentally friendly!

What about you? Would your house benefit from a better insulation?


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