Security at work is particularly important. More and more advertisement is being made in this regard. In the last few years, the CNESST (Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité au travail) put forward many initiatives to help eliminate accidents at work. Unfortunately, many still occur frequently, because of a lack of knowledge or experience of individuals. We often think that we can do it, that nothing is going to happen this time… But that’s when the worst happens!

Whether it is in the workplace or while doing home renovation, it is important to be safe. No risk should be taken: the smallest risk could become the most serious!

Protection During Your Home Renovations

First of all, it is important to protect yourself adequately. Take time to put on your work boots (with steel protective toecap) properly. This will prevent from having your toes crushed if something ever falls on your feet. Same goes for your eyes: it is important to protect them with safety glasses. While renovating, a chip can quickly hit your eye and make you blind! Wear a mask to prevent intoxication and lung damage. Removing splinters after working with wood makes you uncomfortable? Wearing gloves will fix this problem.

The Instruction Booklet is Not a Decoration

Before you start working with a tool you do not know, take time to read the instruction booklet. We often want to go fast and finish the job quickly. However, by taking a few minutes at the very beginning to learn how to work correctly with the new tool, you will save a few hours on an operating table to fix one of your fingers!

Always Clean Your Workspace

During renovations, a thing often gets cluttered and we end up getting lost. Make sure your workspace is clean and tidy. The risk of hurting yourself accidentally on a misplaced tool and having to get to the hospital will be eliminated as everything will have been put away and cleaned. 

Panneau isolant NOVOFOIL

Take Precautions Every Step of the Way

Always make sure to have a minimum of knowledge of the elements you are working with. If you must work with electricity, turn off the power! An electrical shock happens really fast and can be fatal. Also, be careful with carbon monoxide emanations: Avoid sawing in a restricted area. Instead, do it in an open-air or outdoor environment. Carbon monoxide detectors are strongly recommended before, during and after construction, and it’s never useless in a house!

Where’s Waldo?

If you have children, make sure they do not come in the area where your renovations take place. Those little ones are faster and smarter than we think. It is simpler to have another person at home to supervise them during the work, or even better, to take them to a friend or a family member during this time.

Before anything else, prioritize your safety! It is better to take your time and do the job right without worrying than going too fast and putting yourself at risk. You should think about people around you, but above all, do not forget to think about yourself!