It’s starting to get warm outside. The desire to jump in your pool is growing day after day. However, before you can wade in the pool, you first have to open it. In fact, with the long weekend coming up, why not take the time to get the job done?


The cleaning step is the one that will be done very quickly for those who have decided to put a leaves net when closing it last fall, since there won’t be a lot of debris in the water. For the rest of you, it’s important to remove the leaves and it’s also recommended to clean the edge of your above ground pool, all around the wall with a degreaser made for this.


Once the cleaning is done, you will first need to plug the return water hose and the skimmer to the filter. At this step, it will be important to remember to install the filter cap as well as the transparent shell that goes on top. This is the area on the pool filter where you will be able to see water circulating when it’s running. You will also need to install the hose for the backwash: it will be necessary to use it throughout the whole season to keep clean water.

Once all these plugging are done, you have to fill the pool above the skimmer. Filling may take a few minutes or even hours, depending on the initial water level. Meanwhile, you can always take care of others tasks. But do not forget that water is running! Once full, you will be able to do a first backwash.

More Cleaning

At this step, you will need to clean the pool once again. At the beginning, the cleaning was rather done on the surface. Now it’s time to take care of the bottom of the pool with a pool vacuum made for this purpose. Several models exist on the market. When you’re done, it’s essential to operate the pool during 5 to 6 hours. Many people at this step will decide to continue the next day.

Shocking Your Pool

This step allows the balancing of the water, to make sure that there are no bacteria and that the pH level is healthy for bathers. To shock your pool, use a product that can be bought in speciality stores. You will have to do an analysis of your water. It’s recommended to bring a sample at the store and have an expert do the analysis.

If you do the testing yourself, you should ensure that the pH does not exceed 7.6. If everything is good, you can keep going and add the treatment to the water. Wait 24 hours, leaving the pump running all the time. After, you will have to do another backwash. Waiting is necessary because the water may be troubled.

Water Analysis

The final step is to make sure that the water is adequate for swimming. It will be necessary to check the alkalinity, which should be between 80 and 120. The pH for its part should be between 7.2 and 7.8. Repeat this step all summer long, as it’s important to adjust the pH level with chlorine.

And expanded polystyrene (EPS) in all of this?

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Have a great summer!