Winter is a tough time for your house. It passed through bad weather and several temperature variations. Because of that, preparing your hose for spring is advisable to ensure that it is in good condition, both outdoors and indoors. You’re probably thinking about spring cleaning, but there are other equally important aspects!

Exterior Preparation

1. Landscape Verification

It is important to make sure your land is in good state. Take a look at the slopes to see if they need correction to avoid water accumulation near the foundations. A slope directing water towards the house could create water infiltrations. It is necessary to correct the situation and direct water towards the land.

Your land may have been damaged during the winter, so it may be necessary to sow or fertilize your lawn. Once the snow is melted and the freezing periods are over, you can remove the covers protecting your trees and flowers.

Polyform - Landscape Verification

2. Roof and Gutters Inspection

In winter, there are regular precipitations alternating between rain and snow, often accompanied by strong winds; checking your roof is important! An inspection will help to identify problems, if any, and fix them before it’s too late. While you’re on the roof, take a look at the condition of your stack. Your gutters may also have been abused during the winter months. Make sure they are not clogged and that they discharge water effectively.

3. Facing and Balconies condition analysis

The facing of your house must be in good condition to prevent infiltrations. All types of materials can be damaged, keep your eyes open, and if in case of doubt, call a professional. Remember to do a little clean up on your balcony and see if a brushstroke might be required. Moreover, you’ll feel like enjoying it more during the summer if it is looking good and is freshly painted!

4. Pool and water supply opening

The freezing probabilities are gone and you see the hot season coming? It’s time to think about opening your pool and performing some water treatments. And while you’re at it, you might as well install your garden hose and other water sources.

Polyform - Pool opening

5. Doors and Windows Verification

Doors and windows are great sources of infiltration. You must therefore ensure that sealants (commonly called caulking) are still intact and effective. You can also check if the screens require reparation or a complete change. After that, it is time to plan on cleaning all the windows around the hose, inside and outside.

6. Outdoor Furniture Preparation

It is now time to take out the outdoor furniture. Take advantage of the beautiful spring days to wash your accessories and install them. Preparing the barbecue is a key: so clean it, make sure it is working properly and that you have propane. Do not forget the kids; they will be so happy to see their swing and other games now available!

Interior Preparation

Spring also mean spring cleaning! When spring comes, it feels nice to open the windows and refresh the air. Clean up the house and dispose of things that are now useless to your family and you. To ensure good air quality during the summer, consider inspecting your ventilation system.

Yes, insulation Works in Spring

You realized your insulation was inadequate during winter? Spring is a good time to do this kind of renovation. You can also take advantage of a good insulation during the summer as it will keep your house cooler. You could get several benefits by performing insulation works during this time of the year!

Isolant polystyrène AIRCLAD

Spring and summer can now make their appearance!