The end of autumn and the beginning of winter are the times when humans lock themselves inside and make like other mammals: we hibernate! Watching movies while keeping warm, all curled up in a blanket, is the first activity on the list, but it can be very fun to create your own decorations for the approaching Holiday season. Here are some ideas easy to achieve and using everything you need at your fingertips… or almost!

We usually dispose of our water or soft drinks bottles once we are done with them. Why don’t we reuse them to create a beautiful artisanal fir tree? It is simple: you will have to pierce a hole in the cap and pass a string through the hole. Don’t forget to cut the bottles in order to give a realistic shape to the fir! You prefer penguins? Simply assemble two previously cut bottles together, apply some colours to personalize it, and a pretty penguin will adorn your house.

Polyform - Recycled bottle Christmas tree         Polyform - Recycled bottle penguin

You had a glass of wine or a beer the lastlast the weekend? Don’t run to the trash can to get rid of the corks and caps! You can use them to create a snowman that will be used as an ornament in your Christmas tree. And what should we do with the wine corks? Well it’s simple; let’s make a centerpiece out of little reindeers to welcome our guests!

 Polyform - Recycled cork reindeer         Polyform - Recycled cap snowman

What’s more enjoyable than having a coffee on a cold winter morning? We already clean our capsules in order to return them for recuperation. But this time, no need to go to the eco-center since we can use them to make a beautiful angel. You will need only three capsules, a round ball for the head and cardboard to make the wings. At the same time, why not reuse our plastic spoons to make a magnificent Christmas tree?

 Polyform - Recycled spoon Christmas tree         Polyform - Recycled capsule angel

What’s more annoying than putting on ours socks in the morning and finding a hole in one of them? We usually throw a sock in the trash even though it is still in perfect condition. An easy way to repurpose it is by filling it with rice or polystyrene balls to create a snowman. Once this is done, you only have to personalize it.

 Polyform - Reclyed sock snowman

It’s always fun to enjoy a delicious hot chocolate in the chalet after a ski day! Once it’s done, you can simply wash the cup and turn it into a cute snowman.

 Polyform - Recycled polystyrene glass snowman          Polyform - Recycled polystyrene glass snowman

Pick-up your scissors and brushes, it’s time for arts and crafts!

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