Quebec government initiated a new tax credit, applicable on some residential renovations. Among those renovations, we find: roof and wall insulation, foundation tightness (for water and air), new doors and windows installation, living roof installation, heating and air conditioning systems as well as ventilation system and new water heater. Septic tank replacement could also be eligible for this tax credit. It is important to mention that home owners with a heating oil contaminated soil can also apply.

How much will I get from this credit?

The refundable amount of the new tax credit, affecting about 100,000 households, is 20% of the expenses over $2,500. In other words, if your works, executed by a contractor cost $10,000 your will receive a $1,500 credit ($10,000 – $2,500 x 20%). On the other hand, the maximum credit is $10,000; this limit will be reached when your renovation cost reaches $52,000.

To take advantage of the RenoVert tax credit, you need to have an agreement with a contractor by April 1st, 2017.

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