Today we celebrate Earth Day. Everyone’s commitment to protect and conserve it is paramount, every day. Polyform, as a major player in the expanded cellular plastics industry in Quebec, has committed, through its environmental division, to reduce its environmental footprint and opt for sustainable solutions.

Polyform - Polystyrene recycling bin

Our Actions to Preserve the Planet

1. We have a plant entirely devoted to the recycling of plastic wastes.

2. This recycled material is reused for manufacturing various expanded plastic products and is also reworked for manufacturing rigid plastic parts.

3. 5,000,000 kg of various plastics are recycled annually.

4. Polyform has developed a tool allowing you to find the closest drop off points to your home.

5. For industrial plastic wastes, Polyform has established various programs to help you with your collecting and recycling phases. If you have large quantities to recycle, we can setup a custom program and pick up directly at your door.

6. Since January 2016, the company has obtained the ECORESPONSIBLE certification

Polyform - ECORESPONSIBLE certification

We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. We firmly believe that every action counts and that it can make a big difference. All together, with small simple gestures, we can protect the earth!