Summer vacation period just started: Some are already enjoying it, others will soon. If you care about environment and want to maintain your good habits while on vacation, here are a few simple and efficient tips that will allow you to have fun while respecting the environment! Let’s look into them!

Perfect Material for Zero-waste Vacation: Plastic

1. Convenient Plastic Containers

No matter where you are going, plastic containers are indispensable! You can use them to store home-made meals, sandwiches, salads, etc… You can also use them to keep snacks handy while driving to your destination, or when you need a quick break while on your activity. Planning on having dinner at a restaurant? No worries: You’ll be able to bring back your left over portion without using disposable containers. Bulk groceries are becoming more and more popular even in smaller cities: airproof plastic containers are a great option to keep your food fresh!

Polyform - Plastic container

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles are an essential item for all activities: Whether you are going to the beach, doing activities with the kids, or going hiking, you can take it with you. It’s easy to find places to fill it up, and you reduce your disposable bottles consumption. Restaurant, hotel, hostel, are just a few places to fill up! However, make sure to verify with the residents of the area if the water is drinkable.

Polyform - Reusable plastic bottle

3. Polystyrene Coolers for Camping Trips

Polystyrene coolers are perfect for your camping trips: Polystyrene is a really light-weight material with great insulating properties. They will keep your food at the right temperature for a long period of time, and they can even be used multiple times. Don’t forget: once the cooler reaches the end of its useful life, it can be recycled. Simply bring it to the nearest ecocentre, or a collection point!

 Polyform - camping cooler

4. Reusable Polypropylene Bag

This is an item not to be overlooked: It will allow you to store your purchases, groceries, clothes, and more. Reusable bags take no room in your luggage, and will make your life easier when times come to carry stuff around. As it is sturdy and durable, you’ll be able to use it over and over again!

Polyform - reusable bag

Recycling, Even on Vacation

As many places offer recycling services, you can pick a vacation spot that will allow you to keep your good habits. Before booking, ask the location if they have recycling facilities on-site, or where the nearest ones are.

While on vacation, it’s always a challenge to be as disciplined as when we’re home. Do your best: every small gesture counts. But don’t forget to have fun and relax!

Have nice vacation and a great summer!

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