Back-to-school is almost knocking at our doors and it comes with a long list of various items to buy. There are a few tricks to plan a more eco-friendly start!

Recover and reuse

Several items can be reused for many years without problems. Their lifetime is not limited to a single school year. There are, for example, school bags, notebooks, pencil sharpeners, dictionaries, etc. Also, why not pick up the elder’s supplies that are still in good condition and reuse them for the younger? It is also sometimes possible to obtain second hand school effects in good condition. Many people also go to bazaars or thrift shops to find treasures at low prices.

Choosing sturdy items

It is important when you buy school items to choose the sturdiest ones. For example, encourage the purchase of a backpack with a reinforced bottom that can be used for several years and that will not give up after only a few months.

Choosing rechargeable items

Many companies offer easily rechargeable supplies, which saves us from throwing a dazzling number of items. By simply reloading your pen’s ink, for example, you will save a lot of money and produce less waste. Also, remember to get rechargeable batteries for the calculator!

Opting for eco-friendly products

A lot of eco-friendly materials produced in Quebec are available. This is a smart option to pick because a “green” product that is made of recycled materials is not much more expensive than the traditional product. In addition, by getting a local product, you encourage local economy and reduce the pollution caused by the transportation of foreign goods.

Buy at the stationery or the supermarket?

We suggest you go to the stationery rather than the supermarket if you want to save money, but also material supplies. Indeed, the stationery will allow you to buy per unit while the department stores will tend to offer larger packages.

Taking electronic notes

For students returning to college or university, it may be worth taking notes electronically rather than handwriting. It will even be easier to classify your notes and you will save a large amount of paper.

There are a thousand and one tricks to make a back-to-school zero waste, but the most important thing to remember is: simplicity. Indeed, it should be kept in mind to only buy the essentials in reasonable quantities and used them for as long as you can.