February 25, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Jean-Louis Beliveau’s professional life, President and founder of the Polyform Company. A pattern maker by trade, Mr. Beliveau founded the company in 1963, specialising at the time in wood models and in casting for the manufacturing of aluminium moulds.

In 1968, he added to his activities the manufacturing of expanded polystyrene, using moulding and hot wire block cutting methods. From the time he began growing his company, Mr. Beliveau always had a passion for building. At the beginning of his career, he did his own research to build healthy, comfortable and energy-efficient homes. He developed innovative products such as the Nudura® insulated concrete form system, an internationally known product, as well as other unique products on the market.

A kind-hearted man, modest and yet visionary, with deeply held family values, Mr. Beliveau has run his Company to achieve constant growth. He has succeeded in putting in place a solid team to ensure the future of the Company, which today is an important employer in Granby. The company has now 7 manufacturing plants, 3 divisions to serve a vast international customer base. Polyform is one of Canada’s industry leader in manufacturing expanded plastics.

Congratulations to Jean-Louis Beliveau for his 50 years of innovation !