This guide will allow you to demystify the seven types of plastics. You will therefore be able to associate each plastic type to its common uses and to better understand Polyform’s position in that industry.

Types of plastics

Polyform works particularly with expanded polystyrene, expanded polypropylene and expanded polyethylene. Our manufactured products are composed of 98% air and only 2% plastic. In addition, these materials are easily recyclable, which allows us to reuse them directly in several products manufacturing or to recycle them into rigid plastic pieces. The exceeding stocks are redistributed on the market as raw materials.

Raw Materials

We use various raw materials:

Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded polystyrene is made of 98% air and 2% plastic. EPS is lightweight and easy to mould or cut. It can be used for packaging, insulation, lightweight fill blocks, floating docks and more.

Also available:

EPS with graphite (NEOPOR®) - to manufacture products with a higher insulating capacity

Biodegradable EPS - to manufacture EPS products that can decompose when buried underground

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

EPP is similar to EPS, but it has a shape memory allowing it to maintain its structure and to deform without breaking. This material is mostly used in sporting goods, automotive components, electronic packaging, stuffed products and more.

Also available:

Anti-static EPP – to prevent static electricity

Hybrid EPP (EPP and EPE) – to manufacture products with better resistance and more flexibility

Expanded polyethylene (EPE)

Expanded polyethylene has the same properties as EPP but with greater elasticity. EPE is used in projects where flexion and shock resistance are important.

Also available:

EPE and EPS Copolymer (ARCEL®– to add cushioning (memory) to EPS properties

Other Plastics

Corrugated Plastics

They are corrugated double-wall panels made of polypropylene resin. This material is lightweight, easy to cut and perfect to be assembled with other materials.


Elastomer is an extruded EPE compound with great flexibility, without abrasion and with a better cushioning than EPP and EPE. It is mainly used in packaging designs where aesthetics are important.

ETHYLENE-Vinyl Acetate (EVA)

This copolymer shows more elasticity and flexibility than EPE and has an excellent shock resistance. It is mainly used for sporting goods.

Your Possibilities

Polyform is not only a “styrofoam” story. We work with various materials to increase your possibilities. Furthermore, it’s possible to assemble and laminate different materials to create the specific product you need. The plastics industry is quite a vast field – the true limit is only the one you impose yourself.

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