Work is an important part of your life. It’s the reason you successfully manage to pay your bills and save money to complete personal projects, such as buying your first house. It’s the place you’ll get to call home, where you should feel safe and comfortable. Is comfort an issue? Here are five signs that you should invest in it!

Your thermostats are always working

It is recommended to program your thermostats to a constant temperature. When the temperature is on point, the thermostat should stop and start off again when temperature rises or falls. If it is continually running, this is a good cue that your house insulation might need some improvement.

Heat is not equally distributed

Some people decide to set different rooms at different temperatures. However, it is not recommended to do so if you have a big opened area, such as the modern “open-concept” floor plans.  If your thermostats are set at the same temperature in every room, no room should feel colder than another. Here again, the comfort could clearly be improved with a better insulation. Your house is going to be at a uniform temperature, might you be standing in the middle of your living room, or sitting on the edge of your window!

The walls or floors of your house are cold during winter

If your walls or floors are cold during winter, this is a sign that your insulation is failing. It will be important to correct the situation by making the necessary changes.

Your heating bill is up!

From one year to the next, the electricity and heating costs should mostly be the same. However, if there are important differences between one year and the following one, in winter or in summer, it could be a sign of an insulation problem. If you do not want to get the same surprise the following year, you will have to think about updating your insulation.

Mildew is coming out

Finally, the appearance of mildew on the walls is a critical sign of a poor insulation. It starts appearing when the humidity is too high, allowing mould to develop quickly inside your house. Yuck! You need to do something quickly because it can be noxious for you and your family.

As you can see, it’s important to think about your comfort. Do not think of it as money spent, but rather as an effective investment! Do not hesitate to ask one of our specialists for more information about ways to insulate your house.