There is more than one way to warm up a house! Do you know them all? There are more traditional systems such as wood or oil heating. Indeed, there are more efficient and environmentally friendly systems such as hot water heating. Yet most homes built in Quebec have electric baseboards, a rather traditional method. Heating from a hydronic floor heating (hot water) has many benefits that you cannot get with traditional heating, see which!

Increased House Comfort

First, heating with a hydronic floor increases comfort as the temperature is uniform. Indeed, the heat is evenly distributed, unlike the electric baseboard heater that heats only the perimeter of its position. Floor heating provides more comfort because it is all over your floor surface, so you do not have colder or warmer areas. This method will also allow you to reduce your electricity bills. The fact that heat distribution is uniform and that there are no more cold areas will keep you from constantly increasing the thermostat. Baseboard heaters are uneven, and most of the time, they run on a high degree to heat up the room before stabilizing. The traditional method often pushes you to increase degrees because it is often colder on the opposite side of the room. Thus, to be comfortable, far from the heat source, it is necessary to operate the system at higher speed.


Improved Insulation

When hot water heating system is combined with an expanded polystyrene insulation board, you ensure a permanent insulating value. Indeed, products like UNIFOAM® hydronic cut allow an excellent quality / price ratio. This type of board is easily installed and is suitable for new construction as well as renovations. They are also environmentally friendly products and have a long life cycle.

Being comfortable at home is essential, and to achieve that, you need to have an efficient heating system in your house, distributing heat evenly. It is a not negligible element, especially during your cocooning sessions!