EPP is similar to expanded polystyrene (EPS), but it has a shape memory allowing it to maintain its structure and to deform without breaking. This material is mostly used in sporting goods, automotive components, electronic packaging, stuffed products and more.

This material was previously only available in gray or black, but times have changed since we now offer EPP in various colors. Indeed, it is possible for us to create your custom-tailored parts with the color of your choice. This new process will allow giving your product a single added-value while preserving all the properties of the traditional EPP. A good match!

Polyform - Polypropylène expansé de couleur

Your only limits are those you impose yourself! With this new way of doing, the possibilities are many or rather, unlimited!

To obtain more information on this new process, do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives at 1.800.463.8378 or by email at sales@polyform.com.