Recycling and collecting have been important for many years now in social discussions. We all try to avoid waste and try giving objects a second life by reusing them.

What is number 6?

When talking about recycling, the famous number 6 designates polystyrene in its rigid (PS), expanded (EPS) or any other form. Meat trays, mushroom containers, small appliances packaging, insulation panels or CD sleeves are some examples of products made of number 6 plastic. Most people this material pollutes and cannot be recycled: This is a false belief as its manufacturing process requires very little energy and raw material. Indeed, it is made of 98% air, and 2% material. Fortunately, ecocentres collect it and some municipalities even accept it in the blue bins.

Emballage polystyrène expansé

Clean well

When returning these products to your local ecocentre, it is important to follow a few guidelines. For example, it is important to clean meat trays: this will prevent bad odours, contamination or even making your ecocenter staff sick! 


There might be some glued-on labels on many packaging: It is important to remove them to facilitate polystyrene recycling and contamination of plastics with paper.

A few years ago, Polyform built its own recycling plant: POLYVERT RECYCLAGE. This plant is entirely dedicated to plastic recycling, including number 6. Polyform integrates recycled plastic in a multitude of products such as insulated panels packaging material, plastic inserts found in insulated concrete form, and more. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on recycling. We are always happy to answer your questions: It is our passion!