Spring has arrived and it’s the perfect time to plan our summer activities and vacations. Summer often rhymes with water and that’s why water slides, swimming, boat rides, etc. are interesting activities during the warm season. Do you have a boat? Do you have access to a lake or know someone who does? Floating docks are a good way to fully enjoy the aquatic activities!

Building with flotation blocks

Flotation products made from expanded polystyrene (EPS) can be used to build floating docks or shelters, pontoons, etc. EPS blocks can easily be integrated to those structures as they have a great flotation property. Indeed, we can say their buoyancy level is performant as they support 55 lbs per cubic foot. These blocks are available in various sizes, up to 16 feet long. There are several advantages to use this type of material for your project: negligible water absorption, high compressive strength, and it is a sustainable and ecological material. EPS is not harmful to the environment since it is composed of 98% air and 2% inert material. Flotation structures made from this efficient material also have a long life expectancy. Moreover, the block flotation is not affected even if it is damaged or perforated.

Polyform - Flotation Blocks

Float Perfectly with Expansion Filling

It is also possible to obtain flotation products with another manufacturing process: expansion filling. This technique consists in stuffing your products with expanded plastic. It is an efficient process allowing polystyrene beads to expand inside the desired object. This foaming method ensures a manufactured product with perfect flotation properties.

Now, are you looking forward to enjoying the summer and its water activities?

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