Wines and Beers

It is always nice to discover new wines or beers, and summer is a great time to try some on dinners or meetups with friends and family. Let’s see our Polyformers’ favorites!


What could be better than having a nice glass of red wine on a romantic dinner, a dinner with friends, or with your family? That’s what Manon likes. She has a preference for Pinots and sweet and fruity red wines. She also appreciates sharing a good fruit-flavored beer with family and friends. Specifically, she has a crush on a beer from the Quebec craft brewery Unibroue: ‘’l’Éphémère’’. Although it is offered in many flavors, her favorite is the strawberry and rhubarb.

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Suzelle is a red wine lover. Being a fan of the Michael?David Winery, she had the opportunity to visit their vineyard in the Lodi area of California last September. During her visit, she took part in a wine tasting and that’s when she discovered the “Petite Petit” wine. She also enjoys the “The Seven Deadly Zins”, from the same grower. You can even find those wines here in Quebec! She highly recommends them!

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Yes, he likes beer.  As a self-described “beer snob” he can really appreciate an authentic beer. After a good bike ride on a sunny day, a cold craft beer really helps him relax and look back on how the ride went; a good one seems even better and a bad one… seems less bad!  An authentic beer is a must, especially for styles such as: NEIPE, NWIPA, IPA, Stouts and Porters. Heading down to Stowe just to drink a fresh Heady Topper or going to the Foam Brewery in Burlington are definitely on the top of his “beer trip” list. But first, he needs to complete his kitchen renovation. By the way, if someone is interested in helping, he’ll gladly provide beer!

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For his part, Steve likes a Corona on a terrace with his friends during summer. Refreshment is even better after a long motorcycle ride! Having a good time with friends does not always have to be complicated; this beer is quite appropriate. On the other hand, he had the opportunity to taste local beers on his recent trip to Germany, and they totally satisfied him.

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