The nice weather lately inspired us to make you discover some polyformers’ passion for summer sports. This newsletter will allow you to learn that employees are fully integrating the concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body. Here they are:

Sylvain – Quality Control

Polyform - Employee

Sylvain got his first road bike back in high school. He started by riding with his father, but his bike quickly became his means of transport. It was only when he started working at Polyform that his passion grew. He then joined Bromont’s Mountain Bikers Club. That’s when he started training in order to take part in The Quebec Cup. He really enjoyed this group of different ages: the energy and the passion of the younger ones combined to a friendly competition between other members in his age group, during practices as well as competitions, allowed him to surpass himself.

During that period of time, Sylvain started road cycling, using it as a complement to his training program. The birth of his two sons between 1999 and 2000 put an end to competitions, changing to strolls on the bike paths, with the kids’ trailer on the back of his bike!

With the example Sylvain gave his sons, they both take part into competitions. One practices athletics, on track middle distance running and cross-country, as the other one races in bike cycling competitions!

Yvan – Production

Polyform - Employee

Yvan fell in love with golfing quite quickly. He loves the diversity of the courses, the different challenges they bring as well as the environment. Nature and its calm also allow him to like this sport. He has been initiated to golfing at the end of his 30’s by friends. Since then, he’s happy when all goes well, and grinds his teeth when it does not. But as every golfer, he remembers the good shots better!

Take note: he’s always in for a round!

Sebastien – Sales

Polyform - Employee

Sebastien discovered hockey at 2 years old while playing at home. At 5, he put on skates to play on ice, and he finally discovered deck hockey at 20 years old, as the goalie. He inherited this passion from his father, and wishes to pass it on to his own son. This sport, which he practices for fun, allowed him to take part in many tournaments and win a few prizes!

Martine – Accounting

Polyform - Employee

Martine’s passion for kayaking is a long love story. She discovered the magnificent region of Tadoussac at the age of 20 and has met many marine animals while out on a cruise: whales, belugas, porpoises and seals. It was 10 years later, while visiting that same region with her daughter, that she tried sea kayaking for the first time. It is then that she first developed love for this sport. Since then, she enjoys kayaking every summer with her daughter, friends, and cousins.

Kayaking allows her to disconnect, to recharge and fill up with energy, to discover beautiful landscapes and to observe different animals in their natural habitats. It allows her to stay fit and to relieve her stress. Each trip is different: depending on what she finds on her way, it can relax her or crank up her adrenalin. As she’s saying: “when the wind starts blowing, changes the direction of the current and creating 3 or 4 feet tall waves: you feel quite small!”

As of now, she is classified as level 1 in sea kayaking, but aims to get to level 2 as soon as she starts doing eskimo-rolls!