Each and every one of us have lived memorable moments, events that will forever be embedded in our minds. Moments that can look like nothing for some, but are unforgettable to us. In this edition, we are sharing with you some of those moments, experienced by our Polyformers.

Jacynte – Accounting

Polyform - employees

Jacynte has been part of the Budweiser team and had the chance to take part in various promotional events. Among them, the Formula 1 Grand Prix where she worked as a promotional agent for six successive years. On her last participation to the Grand Prix, on June 25th, 2006, she had the opportunity to meet Fernando Alonso and his team, on the track. Being so close to the action allowed her to feel the excitement! It was an emotional and unforgettable day.

Steve – Customer Service

Polyform - employees

One of many memorable moments for Steve happened on this year’s September 14th, as he faced the glacier in Alberta during a trip aboard a gigantic bus with his family. He had the chance to walk on the Athabasca glacier, one of the six main glaciers in the Columbia Ice field Area in the Canadian Rockies, one of the most visited in North America. This trip keeps him dreaming and he can’t wait to go back!

Louise – Marketing

Polyform - employees

In spring of 1991, Louise got on a plane for the first time. She was leaving for a 10 days trip to Turkey, a stay filled with adventures and amazing landscapes. She had the opportunity to take part to a small cruise, allowing her to get in the life of inhabitants who lived on their boat. She went through the Cappadocia Valley, a volcanic region, with sulphurous springs and magical sceneries. Louise then went to Istanbul, the only city touching two continents, where she has been impressed by the blue mosque and the distinctive smell of spices. Ankara is another city where she went through various emotions, illuminating her eyes just thinking about it to this day.

Alain – Production

Polyform - employees

Alain has always been passionate of car racing. He’s won many races during his career, but is particularly proud of his last victory! On October 1st of this year the great Enduro and Sportman 100 Tours took place at Autodrome Granby. Alain took part in the Enduro 2 x 100 laps race. As early as the 6th lap, he got to the first position. Despite being passed a few times and a few accidents, our Polyformer took back the pole position on the 83rd lap and kept it until the end! This achievement will always make him proud!