Sweet Tooth!

We have all watched a parent or a grandparent, a wife or a husband, make a recipe that has marked us so much that we still remember it to this day. In this edition, we present you the best dessert recipes of our Polyformers.  Lucky you, they have decided to share the instruction and the ingredients! Enjoy your treat!

Catherine – Marketing

Polyform - Catherine small maple cones

Small maple cones

The fabulous small maple cones are her speciality! Every spring, this is a pleasure for her to make this delicious recipe, without being complicated! It brings back good memories of when her grandfather still had his sugar shack!


72 small cones

4 540ml cans of maple syrup


To begin, you must heat the maple syrup until it reaches 115°C (238°F). You can measure temperature with a candy thermometer. Be patient. It could take several minutes before the syrup becomes maple taffy! Once it is ready, pour 2/3 of the syrup in measuring cup with a spout; it will help you for the next steps. Spray a little water on the rest of the maple taffy in the cauldron and allow it to cool down. You can put this part aside. With the spout, fill the cones to 2/3 to keep room for the maple butter. Once this step is done, take the first part you just put aside: use a good wooden spoon and stir until you get a good texture. When it’s ready, you should not see any trace of maple taffy! You can now put a small spoonful of maple butter on top of each cone. You can place your maple cones in the refrigerator to harden or you can freeze them if you want to eat them only a few days later! If you still have maple butter left, keep it in a bowl and put some on your toasts! Share with your friends and family and bon appétit!

Geneviève – SALES

Polyform - Geneviève Potato doughnuts

Potato doughnuts

Every year on Christmas, her maternal grandmother filled up a huge tub of these delicious potato doughnuts. Last year, in memory of her grandmother, our Polyformer brought the tradition back! No more diet with these succulent doughnuts that pair perfectly with your coffee in the morning.


2 cups of cooked potatoes, smashed

2 cups of sugar

1 cup of milk

1 tea spoon of butter at room temperature

½ tea spoon of soda

1 tea spoon of vanilla extract or nutmeg

5 cup of prepared flour (Brodie XXX)



First, in a large and heavy saucepan, heat the oil. Meanwhile, in another casserole, peel the potatoes and boil them. In a bowl, mix together the sugar and the milk before gradually incorporating the flour in the mix. Next, add butter, soda and vanilla extract. Put aside this mixture. Once the potatoes are ready, you can mash them. Add the mixed butter, soda and vanilla extract previously set aside and incorporate it to the mashed potatoes by beating during a few minutes. Once you’re done, roll out the dough and cut out the doughnuts with a cookie cutter. Be careful not stack them; they’re sticky! Carefully place a few doughnuts at the time in the hot oil. Turn them once, after one or two minutes.  Once browned, take them out and put them on an absorbent paper while they cool down. Your doughnuts are finally ready! You can coat them with powdered sugar or eat them just like they are. Yummy!


Louise – Accounting

Polyform - Louise sugar pie

Sugar pie

The number of sugar pie recipes on Internet is phenomenal! However, our Polyformer tells us that she has THE best one. Why is that? It is simple; because that it is the recipe her husband used to win her heart back in the days! Ladies and gentlemen, are you still looking for your true love? Now, you know what you need to do… Enjoy!


3 ¾ cups of brown sugar

2 eggs

1 table spoon of all-purpose flour

1 can of condensed milk (« Carnation »)

A 9-inch pie crust


In a bowl, mix the flour and the brown sugar together and set it aside. In another bowl, lightly beat the eggs and add the condensed milk. You can now incorporate the dry ingredients and mix until smooth.  With a spatula, pour all of it in the pie crust. Next, bake at 180°C (350°F) on the bottom grid during 20 to 25 minutes. Last step? Serve your guests and enjoy this delight!